Who We Are



SMOK3D Brands is fueled by creating a universe of opportunity for our clients. Dedicated to their ultimate satisfaction, we facilitate and encourage fluid collaboration from start to finish. Setting their goals high to shift the worlds tobacco users to the healthier and safer alternative of hemp smokables.

Elite Leadership

From market knowledge, to genetics, supply chain logistics, brand development, and distribution, SMOK3D Brands has the best people on the job.

Changing the World

We are serious about introducing a new era of health and social awareness to the worlds population of tobacco smokers. Will you join us?

Customer Relations

What’s important to you, is important to us. We faithfully stand by our oath of fluid communication and transparency.


We are proficient in leveraging systems and technology to give birth to novel opportunities our clients never imagined.


Our Process

We do not settle for anything but the safest, and the best. Through the SMOK3D Brands process, we combine the power of technology and science with modern-day agriculture to ensure strict product compliance. Always staying ahead.

Our Experience

Making cigarettes isn’t a job, it’s a skill. SMOK3D Brands is operated by individuals with over 70 years of cigarette manufacturing experience. We understand the unique challenges faced by the industry, we ALWAYS look to stay ahead of compliance, regulations and tackle solutions in a cost-effective, highly efficient way.

Our Prices

Price is what you pay, value is what you get. We price our services competitively. Our systems and processes are exceedingly efficient and we pass those efficiencies on to you.

70 Years Of Professional Experience