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Leafly - worlds largest CBD/THC website announces KHOOR to product line


Khoor Tobacco-Free Cigarettes

PALM CITY, FL.–(Khoor, LLC)– Leafly is a website focused on cannabis use and education.[3] The company says it has more than 120 million annual visitors and over 10 million monthly active users.[4] Leafly provides a wide range of information on cannabis, including 1.5 million consumer product reviews, more than 9,000 cannabis articles and resources, and over 5,000 verified strains in its database.[4] Leafly additionally provides 4,500+ retailers and 8,000+ cannabis brands with e-commerce tools such as digital storefronts, embedded menus, point-of-sale integrations, targeted advertising, and more. 

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Kevin Sloane, Executive Chairman
Mitchell Davis, Chief Executive Officer

Source: SMOK3D, LLC.