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KHOOR™ Tobacco-Free Cigarettes Now Available on Amazon Prime with 2 and 4 Pack Combo Listings


Khoor Tobacco-Free Cigarettes


November 1, 2021 – 5:05 pm EST

SMOK3D BRANDS | KHOOR™ is thrilled to announce that it has secured three (3) Amazon Prime listings in the last 30 days, all of which are eligible for 1-2 day FREE shipping straight to your door. Amazon has 300 million active users, 197 million visitors per month and 95 million Americans have Amazon Prime Membership. These three (3) listings will increase access and direct to consumer distribution for adult smokers 21 and older in the United States (population 196 million persons 21 and older). For $11.98 ($5.99 per pack) and $23.49 ($5.87 per pack), SMOK3D Branded Khoor Tobacco-Free Cigarettes will provide a 2 pack combo of Menthol, 2 pack combo of Original, and a 4 pack combo of 2 Menthols & 2 Originals.

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